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Aromatherapy can be added at no extra charge. Therapeutic bodywork such as massage can have a great number of positive effects on the body. It also has many benefits that affect the mental and energetic realms of the body. 


-Induce relaxation 
-Increase circulation 
-Decrease muscle spasm and pain 
-Improve delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells via increased bloodflow 
-Encourage the secretion of endorphins to produce an overall sense of relaxation and well- being 
-Eliminate toxic cellular by-products such as carbon dioxide and lipids (fats) 
-Improve sleep 
-Increase energy levels and metabolism 
-Better the body's sense of connection to its energy field 
-Cause a positive shift in mental clarity Hydrostone therapy is the use of hot and cold basalt or marble stones in a massage to 
enhance the overall effectiveness and experience of the massage. It is a 90 minute session 
(as opposed to the usual 60 minute massage) done with the intention of using the temperature of the stones to produce a specific effect on the body. 
Hot stones are used in the cases of muscle tension or spasm, decreased range of motion, contracture, arthritis and other chronic inflammatory conditions, wound healing, frosbite (after visit to physician) chronic tension and joint stiffness. 
Cold stones are used in cases of acute inflammations, MS, sunburn, bruises, edema, acute strains, sprains and tears. 
Both hot and cold stones can be used during a treatment. This massage has been reported by many clients as being the most relaxing and/or invigorating massage they have ever received.


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Colon Therapy
Eliminate this toxic waste that effects our health so negatively
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*LOSE 6 to 20 inches in 60 minutes. *GUARANTEED!
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Chelation Therapy
Remove harmful metals from the body, such as lead and aluminum
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Acupuncture is suitable for: pain, trauma, infections, etc.
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Hair Analysis
Remove harmful metals from the body, such as lead and aluminum
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Induce relaxation, Increase circulation, Decrease muscle pain