Harold B. - This is a great place where the staff is very professional and always friendly. I travel close to two hours one way because one cannot find this quality of service and staff elsewhere and those whom I have referred feel the same way. Having suffered in pain for over twenty years and not able to be employed I am now pain free thanks to Master Park and the Health Connections Center & Spa. My Dr. has withdrawn all my pain medication (over 1800 mg daily) and I feel so much better.  My strength is returning and since I am retired the idea of returning to work isn't on my list of things to do. But I could if I wanted to.

Carlie W. - I am new to Health Connections. I have been looking for a decent spa to have colonics done and found them. Little did I know they do bodywraps as well. I played hookie that day and got both done. ABSOLUTLY AMAZING!!!! The therapist there was so sweet and kind, but very knowledgeable. LOved her. Definetly go during the week she is great i wouldnt see anyone else.

Joan S. - There is just no other place in the city like Health Connections. It goes over and beyond producing one miracle after another. When you call, Anne is amazing at directing and supporting you to get you to the service that will enhance your life! I Atleast ten of my friends and 5 people in my famiy will tell you the same thing being there has changed our lives for the better.

Jan Z. - I've been coming to this place for years.  Let me tell you that this place is a life-saver.  The colonics are done professionally and using a superior "closed-system" that works better and more efficiently than the open system which other colonic places may use.  Health Connections also employs the services of a Korean Chi-Energy Healer, Master Park, whose work is phenominal, and perfect for aches and pains, muscle tension, depression, anxiety, etc. The place is run professionally, which means that you will have to have a credit card on file for a colonic appointment, and there's a $25 cancelation fee if you cancel within 24 hours of an appointment that can't be filled.  The staff are courteous, the place is clean, and the owner maintains a friendly, relaxed environment. The colon therapists are friendly and make you feel at home.  Give this life-saving place a try, and you will agree!

Chi P. - I went to Health Connections the other day for a body wrap and to see Master Park.  I had a good time, and the staff was really helpful.  All the floors were clean, and I got a lot of information on what they do.  My body wrap was good, I am thin, but I still lost inches all over, and felt great after.  I would definitely go back there.

Dorothy P. - Health Connections has provided me with renewed health and wellness.  My severe digestive issues were extremely painful and quite scary at times.  I am now on the mend and no longer have bouts with bloating etc.  The services that they provide along with the wonderful treatments from Master Park  and the health seminars are a needed Center when trying to include a wellness plan.  I am fortunate that I do not have to just rely on health centers in Quakertown. If you are looking for health support, I suggest that you include this Center.

Charles V. - Have gone here for years. This is the oldest natural health place in Philly doing colon therapy and the experience shows. I always feel relaxed and not tense, as in some other places.  I've also had a couple of sessions with Master Park. Intense, but ultimately wonderful!

Didi M. - I have been coming to Anne's place for I think 15 years, and I've always received good services and I've never been disappointed.  She always delivers exceptional care and service.  I've had everything done here from body wraps to colonics to Master Park.  I've always been treated very well by Anne and her staff.  Anne is the "who's who" in Philadelphia for colonics and any holistic service.

Pearl G. - I have been visiting Health Connections for 8 years.  It is one of the highlights of my life because Master Park, the Korean Chi healer, has helped me overcome so many health problems:  migraine headaches, neck and back problems, chronic constipation, etc.   He is truly a gifted and well-trained healer.  I've talked to other patients of Master Park and they have found great results with Aids, knee problems, and a host of conditions; after all, Master Park has studied Chi healing and body manipulation for over 30 years.  I save some of my vacation time and see him for one straight week in the summer.  I also go for "tune-ups"  the other two times a year he is there. ....The staff is always friendly, especially Anne, the owner.  We both share a love of travel and healing, and since I can't travel right now, she fills me in on her latest trips.

Lorraine G. - Health Connections came into my life in 1997, when I made an appointment with Master Park.  Anne, the director, was very gracious and helpful in facilitating the scheduling of treatments I required.  Thus began my long-standing relationship with Health Connections and Anne Khoury.  Fourteen years later, I am still here.  I think that says a lot. I have  been treated by Master Park; I have received colonics; I have seen employees come and go over the years, and I have watched the development and evolution of both the organization and the director.  I have been pleased with both.  This is a place where you can depend on receiving good service and being treated fairly.  That is one of the reasons that I, like Master Park (who travels from South Korea to work at Health Connections), have maintained this association for so long.

Donna S. - Health Connections and Anne are the best! Anne has provided a warm, professional and truly competetant group of practitioners who are truly caring and gifted in one setting providing a holistic care.

Phil D. - Health Connections is a great place to get holistic treatments done. The staff know and fully comprehend the procedures.  Anne understands everything there is to know about colon health, human anatomy, and all the treatments she offers.  That's not to mention Jhourdan, who is the most respectful and sweet therapist you will meet.  I went in feeling nervous but left feeling totally at ease and SO MUCH BETTER!  Please give this place the chance it deserves because they are doing something no one else in the city can do!


Image 04
Colon Therapy
Eliminate this toxic waste that effects our health so negatively
Image 05
*LOSE 6 to 20 inches in 60 minutes. *GUARANTEED!
Image 06
Chi Energy Healing
Relief from chronic pain. Increase in energy and well-being.
Image 07
Chelation Therapy
Remove harmful metals from the body, such as lead and aluminum
Image 07
Acupuncture is suitable for: pain, trauma, infections, etc.
Image 07
Hair Analysis
Remove harmful metals from the body, such as lead and aluminum
Image 07
Induce relaxation, Increase circulation, Decrease muscle pain